Viziune Misiune Obiectiv


The group's vision is grounded in adopting a holistic, integrated, and synergistic approach in managing the main exploited resources, with the aim of maximizing the added value. In any context, EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) represents the primary indicator used to evaluate our performance, being analyzed both at the group level and at each business line level, thus consolidating our competitive position. Our main area of ​​activity, from the perspective of contributing to the group's operational gross margin value, is agriculture, encompassing both crop cultivation and vegetable production.


Our aspiration is to be a significant and renowned player at the national level, a role model in terms of best practices and innovation in our field. Our commercial and competitive policy is based on strong partnerships with major retailers, traders, and processors.


The main objective of the Group is to complete as many stages as possible in the processing of agricultural production, both primary and secondary products, with the shortest possible supply chain, in the spirit of circular economy and retaining within the group the highest possible percentage of the margin, related to the value chain, by establishing a final customer culture. The Group does not aim to exploit the production immediately after harvest, but to process, store, and enhance it through products with higher added value, thus increasing competitiveness.