Actions implemented to ensure sustainability:

/We have transformed the concept of "price-quality ratio" into "price-quality-sustainable production ratio."

/We have a benefits contract for the elimination and reduction of greenhouse gases with Agreena, where the Group's field data regarding cultivation methods and inputs used (including fuel) on parcels enrolled in the program are uploaded through their data collection platform to determine the amount of CO2 captured during an agricultural year. Subsequently, the calculated tons of captured CO2 are converted into green certificates. These can be traded on the open market or transferred to Agreena.

/We take actions to reduce waste and rejects by monitoring specific consumptions.

/We use the by-products of business lines within the group as raw materials for other business lines.

Collection, Recycle, Cover Crop

/We recycle transport packaging, selectively collect waste, and have collection contracts for all types of waste with specialized firms. The waste management system is in the process of being authorized. GSH has reduced paper consumption across all sectors by using digital systems, introducing electronic signatures, and reviewing work procedures to minimize paper documents.

/We use tools specific to precision agriculture.

/We ensure the rational use of water through drip irrigation, fertigation, and monitoring water application and consumption.

/We establish cover crops.

/We practice regenerative agriculture, performing minimal soil tillage both during crop establishment and harvest.

Optimization, Sustainability

/We optimize nutrient application by using natural fertilizer and reducing the use of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers to the necessary minimum.

/We use renewable energy, having installed photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 0.4 MW and plans to increase the installed capacity to 1.2 MW over the next 2 years.

/We work with service providers who adhere to sustainability principles and have traceability in terms of experience, expertise, and quality systems required by the Group's project development. We are in the process of aligning with E.S.G. (Environment, Social, and Governance) reporting requirements and the E.U. Taxonomy according to the C.S.R.D. (Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive).