Agribusiness - 30 Years Together!

About GSH

We cultivate ideas for future growth

We are a group of companies with Romanian capital, in full expansion, which started its activity in Onești, in 1994.
The group's structure is integrated and includes the following fields of activity: Agribusiness (grain and vegetable cultivation, trade in grains, oilseeds, and vegetables), Animal husbandry (Angus cattle farm and Ile de France sheep), Bakery, Pastry-Confectionery, Public Food Services, Service Provision (distribution and transport).
The companies that make up GSH are:
To develop a resilient and competitive business, GSH is in continuous transformation and adaptation: advancing projects and opening new lines of business, while simultaneously transforming existing lines to navigate and mitigate the risks associated with the current market and to opportunistically exploit the windows of opportunity that arise. The projects target business areas with growth potential, where there is a deficit in production capacity at the national level, and which capitalize on the group's know-how. To implement these projects, GSH is firmly committed to adhering to quality standards and producing in the most sustainable and efficient manner possible, in the spirit of the circular economy and in the sense of generating consistent, constant, and durable added value.

Key Indicators