About Management

Over 400 employees in Serban Holding Group.

Management is carried out by a team of top managers who approach agriculture as a business, without subjectivity, focusing on profitability indicators. We carefully analyze the opportunity and necessity of our actions, investments, and expenditures. We believe that our top management team, capable of devising and implementing development strategies from an idea, regardless of project complexity, followed by middle management together with subordinate structures, represents a competitive advantage and a differentiating factor that is difficult to replicate.


By attracting, developing, and retaining the most talented professionals who share our values, we have internally developed interdepartmental teams dedicated to obtaining international certifications, attracting European funds, obtaining approvals and permits for new projects, ESG practices, and the Innovation Laboratory in Agro-Food Analysis and Plant Nutrition.

We are open to intrapreneurial proposals and support them through consultancy and financing.

We are inspired and find deep satisfaction in overcoming complex challenges, successfully completing projects with a high degree of difficulty. We celebrate every victory that breaks us free from the limiting mindset that 'such achievements are not possible for us,' thus redefining the standards of excellence and innovation within our organization.


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Nicolae Șerban

Chairman of the Board and
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Irina Șerban

Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Chief Executive Officer
(Deputy CEO)

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Simina Circiu

Member of the Board of Directors
Director of the Accounting Department

Top Management

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Oana Barna

Suport Director

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Lucian Secară

Operation Director

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Andrei Oncioiu

Deputy Director of the
Financial Department

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Jan Borș

Director of Agriculture Department

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Iulian Șomîtcă

Director of Development

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Radu Alexe

Director of Technical Affairs

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Marius Tuțu

Commercial Director

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Florin Grădinaru

Director of Legal Affairs

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Elena Bufnilă

Marketing&Communication Director