Research and Development

The central aspect of our research is the implementation of no-till technology

We base the technological plan corresponding to soil types and crops on pedological studies specific to the activity area, updated every 4 years.

Through the team of specialists within the group, organized in an Agro-food Analysis and Plant Nutrition Innovation Laboratory, in collaboration with experts and specialized institutes, we analyze the soil microbiology in our area of activity.

Our laboratory is dedicated to exploring the interactions between soil microorganisms and plants, aiming to optimize crop health and productivity while simultaneously promoting agricultural practices that support and conserve soil biodiversity.

The central aspect of our research is the implementation and promotion of no-till agricultural technology. We optimize nutrient application by primarily using natural fertilizers and minimizing the use of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers.

Through detailed analyses of the soil and fertilizers we conduct, we ensure that the natural fertilizers used are superior, providing more sustainable and efficient agriculture.