Production & Commerce


The field is our home.

Passion for agriculture

Agribusiness, through both own production and trading, currently generates over 90% of our revenue and over 70% of our gross operational margin. This business line encompasses revenue derived from the sale of the following:

/cereals: wheat, corn, barley, sorghum, triticale,
/oilseeds: rapeseed, sunflower,
/vegetables: potato, onion, carrot, red beet.

We love our lands, and with the help of our biodiversity research and development laboratory, we continuously analyze soil microbiology and its importance in commercial agriculture. It is crucial to have biologically active soil; therefore, ongoing analysis using modern sustainability technologies helps us produce high-quality agricultural crops.

To increase productivity, we continuously invest in state-of-the-art agricultural equipment and modern technologies. We have invested in irrigation systems, irrigating approximately 2200 hectares.

Irrigation systems such as pivot, drip surface, or subsurface drip irrigation, with ambivalence - irrigation and fertigation. These systems represent the transition from traditional irrigation to Digital Farming, being managed through SCADA systems with specialized software.

For soil cultivation, we use modern, sustainable technologies, including no-till, cover crops, and carbon capture. This technology offers economic potential and comes with a series of benefits: increased productivity, reduced erosion, increased soil organic matter, preservation of soil structure, and, last but not least, reduced water losses through evaporation.

We have taken a significant step in the fight against climate change by capturing CO2.This initiative not only brings environmental benefits but also financial advantages, thanks to the ability to transform this carbon footprint into a product that can be commercialized. We succeeded in selling the first carbon certificates in 2023.


We constantly invest in state-of-the-art technology for efficiency, increasing production quality, reducing losses, and adhering to sustainability principles.
For agricultural work and all related logistics of agricultural products, Grup Șerban Holding owns:

/282 agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, plows, discs, seeders, mowers, cultivators, pivots, drip systems, sprinklers, and standard and refrigerated storage facilities),

/102 trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers,

/authorized warehouse
for storing fertilizers and seeds.

Storage spaces

Grup Șerban Holding owns and operates storage facilities with a total capacity of over 162.000 tone, across 10 bases. We conduct reception, conditioning, and storage operations, handling over 240,000 tons of cereals and oilseeds per year, expressed in wheat equivalent GH 77kg/100l.

Grup Șerban Holding operates the largest grain storage capacity in the vicinity of E85 (DN2), meaning a total authorized silo capacity of 75.600 tone, through its two bases in Orbeni and Sascut, with access to both dual rail and road transport.

In addition to the grain and oilseed storage facilities, GSH also owns two temperature-controlled vegetable warehouses located in Căiuți and Orbeni, with a total capacity of 6.500 tons. At the Căiuți site, there is also a vegetable washing, sorting, and packaging line with a capacity 5 tons per hour..