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Agribusiness is our passion

Grup Șerban Holding (Simbol BVB: GSH) este una dintre cele mai dinamice companii prezente în piața de agribusiness din România. GSH este un grup de firme cu capital românesc, în plină expansiune. Structura grupului este integrată și are următoarele domenii de activitate: Agribusiness (cultura cerealelor și a legumelor, comerț cu cereale, plante oleaginoase și legume), Zootehnie (fermă bovine Angus și ovine Ile de France), Panificație, Patiserie-cofetărie, Alimentație Publică, Prestări Servicii (distribuție și transport).

We are certified: ISO 22000, ISO 9001, IFS Food v8 Higher Level, Global G.A.P, and ISCC E.U.


Producem și comercializăm conform standardelor de calitate internaționale, promovând economia circulară.

Our values

Fairness / Trust / Promptness / Innovation / Excellence

Why choose us

We offer high-quality products and services across all business sectors to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and partners. GSH differentiates itself from the competition through its business model, the integrated way in which the companies in the group operate, and the synergies created between them. In this regard, the elements that set GSH apart are: Focus on EBITDA, Interconnectivity between business lines, Superior valorization of production, Strategic partnerships, Adaptability and innovation, Focus on areas of national deficit, Selectivity and efficiency in projects, Top management, Talent and professional development, Adoption of regenerative agriculture principles, Pioneering in sustainability, and more.
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Operational Excellence

  • Grup Serban Holding is the first in the North East Region that has implemented regenerative agriculture methods on large areas. What makes us competitive in this field is that we are already in the fifth year of no-till technology, implemented this agricultural year on a total area of over 8000 hectares.
  • Grup Serban Holding is the first in the Bacău/Vrancea area that cultivates potatoes and onions on large irrigated areas, totaling hundreds of hectares. In the past four years, we have evolved from zero potato production to ranking first in the country as potato chip producers. We are a top national supplier to the largest agribusiness companies worldwide.
  • Grup Serban Holding is the first in the North East Region that has invested in precision irrigation and fertigation systems, automated and digitalized: transportation and distribution networks, pivots, drip systems, and subsurface or surface fertigation systems.
  •  Grup Serban Holding has optimized crop rotation with the aim of integrating second crops into our own livestock chain and developing a new product for clients in animal husbandry.
  • Grup Serban Holding is among the first to use carbon footprint calculation programs and obtained green certificates.

No. 1

On the Bucharest Stock Exchange activating in Agribusiness

No. 1

Potato chip producers in Romania


Years of excellence




Million EUR Value of Projects in 2024-2025


In which we operate and invest in



We cultivate over 15,600 hectares of agricultural crops in Vaslui, Vrancea, and Bacău. 2,200 of these are irrigated and 8,000 no-till.



We cultivate over 750 hectares of root vegetables in Bacău and Vrancea counties (potatoes, onions, red beets).


Grain and Vegetable Trade

We trade over 450,000 tons per year. We have contracts with Cargill, Pepsico, Intersnack Foods, Lidl, etc.


Animal husbandry

We have a capacity of over 1000 Angus cattle, over 1600 Ile de France sheep, and 4000 lambs.


Storage Capacities

We can store over 162,000 tons, of which 15,000 tons are refrigerated. We have a reception capacity of 400 tons per hour.


Distribution and Logistics

We have a fleet of 282 agricultural machines, 102 trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers.


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